Predator 56RX Stump Grinder

The Predator 56RX Stump Grinder has it all, access, performance & capability.
Built for high performance and narrow access – The Predator 56RX isn’t just a phenomenal stump grinder with serious torque, but a compact powerpack that quickly transforms into a versatile site clearance tool.
With a rear hydraulic PTO for attachments, the 56RX becomes far more capable than any other stump grinder in it’s class – Hook up a selection of attachments to the rear of the machine, including a powerful forestry mulcher and 7 tonne winch, and have the freedom to offer additional clearance services to your clients.
At the touch of a button the variable tracks extend from 31 to 46 inches, allowing for excellent stability on rough sites and inclines. Combined with radio control and rugged tracks, this machine will handle any contract.
Available with Radio Control, dozer blade and tow bar as standard.

£ 51,594.00 (inc. VAT)

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