COBRA ST250 200kg 2-in-1 Sack Trolley

The Cobra ST250 2-in-1 Sack Trolley has a maximum capacity of 200kg and can be changed to be used as either a standard sack trolley or a flatbed truck within seconds.

£ 37.99 (inc. VAT)

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› Max. Capacity: 200kg
› Tyres: Pneumatic / Castor
› Frame: Steel / Tubular
› Mesh Cover
› 2-in-1: Sack Trolley / Flatbed Truck
› Wheel Guards
› Toe Plate: Fixed
› 51cm x 99cm
Cobra Sack Trolleys are ideal for easily
moving heavy duty loads

Every Cobra sack trolley has been expertly designed in the U.K to cater specifically for
the changing conditions of the British garden.

The Cobra ST250 2-in-1 sack trolley can be used in two orientations taking just seconds to switch between the two. One minute you can have a standard sack trolley and the next a flatbed truck, for those slightly wider products.

No more hassle of two separate trolleys!

The Cobra ST250 sack trolley has a loop handle which allows the operator to manoeuvre the truck by using a single hand, which means the other hand can be used for opening doors amongst other things. These trucks also allow for easier lifting, pushing and pulling.

The loop handle on the ST250 is also set at a tilted angle providing greater leverage when lifting a laden sack truck.

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