, Petrol-matching battery-Power is here: Work safer, save money and the environment.,

Petrol-matching battery-Power is here: Work safer, save money and the environment.

For over 100 years, landscaping and gardening professionals have used petrol-powered gardening tools, mostly because there have been no other viable options – until recently!

Battery-powered, cordless garden tools and machinery are increasingly becoming the favourite options for professionals and keen gardeners due to concerns for health and safety, the environment and value for money.

The emergence of a new generation of battery-powered equipment, for example,  lithium-ion batteries from EGO, has given us the opportunity to use tools that match the power of petrol and are safer for us and the environment.

So, what are the benefits of battery-powered equipment compared to petrol?


Prolonged exposure to noise can have serious health implications by having effects on the brain and body such as cognitive impairment, hearing issues, stress and even cardiovascular diseases. Aside from the huge benefits to the health of the operators, using battery-powered equipment that is significantly quieter has other benefits such as less restrictive use in places that require sensitivity like hospitals, schools, nature areas, residential areas and visitor attractions.


Long term users of petrol-powered equipment are prone to issues with hand-arm vibrations (HAV) which causes muscle weakness, numbness, vibration white finger, joint issues and carpal tunnel syndrome. Employers are required by law to assess these issues and put in place measures to reduce the risks from HAV to protect their employees and minimise the health risks. Battery-powered equipment is able to significantly reduce these vibrations as they do not require combustion engines for power.


Petrol-powered garden tools release noxious emissions and noise pollution; however, with the latest battery technology, we are able to use equipment with petrol-matching power that has zero emissions with no need for fuels and instant power at the push of a button. With time running out for fossil fuels and health and safety legislation tightening around the use of petrol power, it’s time to find an alternative.


The long-term savings you’ll benefit from by switching from petrol to battery-power don’t just include saving on fuel! You’ll spend less on servicing and maintenance, expand the times outsides of restrictions that your battery-powered equipment can be used, and you’ll also enhance productivity due to the operators’ comfort and welfare.

To summarise, the EGO Power+ range delivers petrol-matching power, just without the noise, fuss or emissions.

Their industry-leading 56V Arc Lithium battery gives outstanding performance across a wide range of tasks. With impressive run times and fast recharge, you negate the need to store fuel and work emission-free.

You can view the EGO Power+ range here or visit our showroom at Olympus Business Park, Kingsteignton Rd, Newton Abbot. The entrance to the park is just off the B&Q roundabout on the way to Tesco


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