, Aspen Fuel: The ideal choice for your health & the environment,

Aspen Fuel: The ideal choice for your health & the environment

For anyone seeking a solution to the problems associated with regular petrol for the sake of their health, their engine or the environment, Aspen is the ideal choice.

What is Alkylate Fuel?

Aspen Alkylate Petrol is the cleanest form of petrol available today. Unlike regular petrol, Aspen Alkylate Petrol stays fresh for years. This leads to easier starting and optimum performance, from the moment you first open your fuel can right to the very last drop – no waste and no hassle.

Alkylate is a synthetically produced petrol component. The alkylation process takes place at oil refineries. Alkylate is formed from the excess gases produced in the distillation of crude oil and oil cracking.

, Aspen Fuel: The ideal choice for your health & the environment,

Aspen is perfect for professional and domestic use. If you choose to use Aspen in your garden machinery, the benefits contribute to a better all-round experience whilst using your machinery, making your gardening easier and more enjoyable. For professionals using petrol machinery or experiencing exposure to petrol emissions, it is essential that you’re aware of the fuel choices you have available. Using Aspen can increase workers’ health, productivity and profitability.

The advantages for your Garden Machinery:

Regular petrol contains harmful substances such as benzene, olefins and aromatics.

Aspen Alkylate Petrol contains virtually none of these harmful substances, and therefore reduces harmful hydrocarbon emissions by up to 99%.

You are breathing much cleaner air whilst running your machinery on Aspen.

  • No expensive repair bills caused by stale fuel
  • Your machine always starts and is ready to go, even after long standstill periods
  • Lasts for years without deterioration
  • Aspen does not contain ethanol
  • Virtually odourless
  • Less maintenance and a longer machine life
  • Available in a conveniently sized container
  • Premixed 2-stroke eliminates the need to mix yourself
  • Easy to select the correct fuel using the coloured cans and coloured reminder stickers on your machine
  • Protects your health and the environment

Longer machine life due to less carbon deposits

When using regular petrol, the combustion process causes carbon deposits to build up on the cylinder, piston and ports. This gradually reduces the performance of the engine and will eventually result in malfunctions. As Aspen is cleaner, it leaves very little carbon deposits. Your engine remains cleaner –
extending its lifespan and retaining its original performance for longer.

More power through better combustion

The presence of non-essential components in regular petrol leads to an incomplete burn in the combustion chamber. This means that the engine capacity is not fully utilised to supply power. Aspen burns almost completely, and better combustion means that your engine runs smoother and with more power

To find out more About using Aspen fuel in your garden machinery, call us today on 01803 813281 or visit our showroom at Olympus Business Park, Newton Abbot to see our full range.

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