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Aspen Fuel: The ideal choice for your health & the environment

For anyone seeking a solution to the problems associated with regular petrol for the sake of their health, their engine or the environment, Aspen is the ideal choice. What is Alkylate Fuel? Aspen Alkylate Petrol is the cleanest form of petrol available today. Unlike regular petrol, Aspen Alkylate Petrol stays fresh for years. This leads to easier starting and optimum performance, from the moment you first open your fuel can right to the very last drop – no waste and no [...]

Elmstar: Celebrating over 10 years

Here at Elmstar we celebrated our 10th year in business in 2019, and now we are well into 2020, we have lots more to celebrate. The opening of our new showroom at Olympus Business park in Newton Abbot has enabled us to offer an expanded range of commercial machinery. We are proud to have partnered with the coveted Jensen brand of woodchippers, and becoming their official dealer for the whole of Devon, as well as being dealers for some of [...]

Spider remote controlled mowers: Designed with safety in mind

Spider remote controlled mowers are unique machines designed to maintain sloping, dangerous or inaccessible areas of grass. Spiders are the only slope mowers in the world with 4-wheel drive capable of safely maintaining slopes up to 55 degrees on fine turf or heavy brush. Perfect for commercial use, Spider mowers are remote controlled and designed to maintain slopes up to 55 degrees whether you’re mowing fine turf or heavy brush. Using 4-wheel drive, Spider is an ideal solution as it can be [...]

Jensen Woodchippers Buyer's Guide

Woodchipper Buyer’s Guide: Why choose the Jensen Brand?

Are you considering investing in a woodchipper? Read our Jensen Woodchippers Buyer's Guide and find out why Jensen woodchippers are the industry leaders. Jensen Woodchippers Buyer's Guide Jensen offers the widest range of woodchippers of any other manufacturer: This means that whatever your requirements, Jensen will have a chipper that can offer the long-term solutions for your needs. German-engineered Jensen woodchippers provide a robust solution for even the most demanding jobs, and their unique USPs make them a stand-out brand that offers [...]